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What is surplus energy?

Surplus is the amount of energy that has not been used in a given hour, which is why it has been introduced into the grid.

Does Solare Energy install two-way meters?

The installation of the meter and the execution of this process is carried out by the local DSO.

The installation of my micro installation has been completed. What are the next steps?

At least 30 days before the planned launch of the micro-installation, report to the local Distribution System Operator (DSO) to complete all formalities. In the next step, please contact us to conclude a repurchase agreement.

Can I sell surplus electricity from RES installations?

Yes, please send a message to the address or contact via Chat on our website and indicate: generation source, installation capacity, start-up date / planned date of conclusion of the contract – in order to prepare an individual offer.

What is a micro-installation?

It is an installation for generating electricity from a renewable energy source (RES), whose total installed capacity does not exceed 50 kW.

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