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    Modern energy solutions are tailored to you.

    Let us take care of your home ecosystem and choose a solution that will allow you to gain as much as possible with green energy.

    Solare In

    Sales, design, assembly and supervision of PV installations from certified components. Guarantee of tailored service 100% to the customer's needs.

    Solare Synergy

    Comprehensive offers – three energy services in one:
    • design and installation of PV installations
    • sale of electricity
    • trade balancing 1:1

    Solare One

    We have a concession for trading in electricity, thanks to which we can provide customers with a constant supply of energy from renewable sources at a competitive price.

    1:1 balancing

    As part of a comprehensive service, we offer the purchase of surplus energy produced in a photovoltaic installation. By using the 1:1 balancing method, an installation with higher power can become a source of additional income.

    Settlements Prosument Solare

    A dedicated team of Solare Energy specialists has developed a new solution that allows customers to be billed according to the discount system, thanks to which they can fully benefit from the advantages of being a Prosumer.

    Authorized Solare Sunova panel service

    Solare Energy is the only authorized partner and service point for Solare Sunova panels. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the highest quality components and guarantee their 100% efficiency.

    What makes us different?

    • Individual planning
    • Satisfied customers
    • Balanced energy
    • Warranty for years
    • Energy balance

    Individual 1:1 balancing and 100% energy redemption.

    10 000

    As many customers have trusted us and their number is constantly growing!


    This much electricity we have balanced so far.


    Even so many years of warranty are due to the productivity of photovoltaic panels.


    The energy we sell comes from renewable sources.

    What makes us stand out?

    In the created installations we use proven components from global manufacturers. Both the construction, PV panels, their productivity and inverters are covered by guarantees for many years after the assembly and commissioning of the installation.

    Proven components with warranty and additional insurance.

    As the only company on the market, we are responsible for full energy services - from technical audit to PV assembly, insurance, notification of documentation in the power plant , service and energy balancing. All services are provided by one contractor, thanks to which we guarantee full comfort of service and safety.

    All energy services in one place.

    In our portfolio we have installation projects with a variety of specifics. Our team has experience in small (below 50 kWp) and large (over 50 kWp) installations, building photovoltaic farms with a capacity of 1 MW, as well as in creating projects for dioceses and parishes. Installations on the ground, flat and sloping roof are not a challenge for us.

    Experience in a variety of installations.

    Our experts are professionals with many years of experience in energy companies. They will be happy to help you choose the best product tailored to the specifics of your company's operations.

    Service at the highest level.

    Solare Synergy


    As the only company on the market, we provide three energy services in one product:

    • installation of photovoltaic installation,
    • repurchase of surplus electricity produced in the installation,
    • the sale of electricity at a time when the installation does not produce it.

    In addition, we guarantee support in obtaining funding for photovoltaics and the help of experts in choosing the size of the installation, appropriate to the demand for electricity.

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