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    What do you need today?

    We have a license to trade in electricity issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, thanks to which we offer our clients the repurchase of surplus electricity at competitive prices. Check what you will gain from our offer.

    What solutions have we prepared in the field of PV installations?

    Micro – installations

    We will buy back the surplus energy from your micro-installation at attractive rates – thanks to which the payback time of your investment will be significantly shortened.

    As part of our Solare Synergy offer , you can not only purchase a PV installation, but also ensure that you buy back the energy. Decide today and ensure full solar synergy.


    High standard and modern solutions

    In just one year , we have completed over 600 PV installations throughout Poland, and thanks to innovative solutions, we have taken on challenges such as vertical installations and the highest installation in Poland.

    Trusted partner

    Thanks to the concession for trading in electricity and many years of experience of our team, we provide energy security and services of the highest quality.

    Energy Security

    We take care of your energy ecosystem from the very presentation of the offer to the connection of the installation and balancing. Our Energy Experts will help you choose the product most suited to the specifics of your company's operations.

    Service at the highest level

    How to sign a contract?

    Wondering how it is possible that you can change the electricity seller without leaving your home? Below we explain how easy it is!

    1. Fill out the form below.

    2. Wait for the contact of our Advisor, who will present you with an offer prepared perfectly for your needs and capabilities.

    3. After accepting the terms of the contract, you will receive a set of documents and further instructions.

    One contract – peace of mind for years.


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