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    Full profit from green energy

    Thanks to our experience in solar energy, we are able to optimize energy costs, and our clients do not have to worry about their energy security. Check what you will gain from our offer.

    Our electricity sales offer

    Solare One – stable price

    This is our elementary product – one we set the price of electricity it is constant for the whole duration of the contract in accordance with its terms.

    Thanks to stable prices you get:

    ● stability and predictability of settlements,

    ● independence from stock exchange quotations.

    Solare One – The Day – Ahead Market

    The offer is addressed to customers who value flexibility in making decisions and expect prices that reflect the current market situation.

    Settlements are based on hourly Day-Ahead Market contracts available on the Polish Power Exchange.

    Analyzes show that the Day-Ahead Market may, depending on energy consumption, bring a company up to several tens of thousands of savings in one quarter!


    In just one year, we have completed over 600 PV installations throughout Poland, and thanks to innovative solutions, we have taken on challenges such as vertical installations and the highest installation in Poland.

    Trusted partner

    Thanks to the concession for trading in electricity and many years of experience of our team, we provide energy security and services of the highest quality.

    Energy Security

    We take care of your energy ecosystem from the very presentation of the offer to the connection of the installation and balancing. Our Energy Experts will help you choose the product most suited to the specifics of your company's operations.

    Service at the highest level

    How to sign a contract with Solare Energy?

    Wondering how it is possible that you can change the electricity seller without leaving your home?  

    Below we explain how easy it is! 

    1. Fill out the form

    2. Wait for the contact of our Advisor, who will present you with an offer prepared perfectly for your needs and capabilities

    3. After accepting the terms of the contract, you will receive a set of documents and further instructions

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