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    What do you need today?

    Are you an investor and looking for a new source of income? By leasing unused land or investing in a photovoltaic farm, you can enjoy the income from solar energy production for many years. Check what you will gain from our offer.

    What solutions have we prepared in the field of PV installations?

    Solare In – micro-installations and small PV installations.

    We realize installations below 50 kWp.

    Our reliable teams help you to size up your installation to meet your electricity needs.

    We also have experience in installing panels at various stations – on sloping roofs, flat roofs, on the ground.

    Vertical installation or in a poorly accessible place? We can handle anything!

    Solare In – photovoltaic power plants and PV farms

    We undertake the implementation of installations with various specifications.

    We have experience in the construction among others, photovoltaic farms.

    We provide full support to the team, starting from the preparation of project documentation, obtaining building and connection conditions, environmental decision, project preparation, construction works and assembly, to commissioning, final acceptance and notification to the DSO.

    During the implementation of works, the client receives access to the design platform, where he can control the current status of the project on an ongoing basis.

    Solare Synergy – a full suite of solutions.

    We are pioneers – as the only company on the market, we provide three energy services in one product:

    • installation of photovoltaic installation,
    • repurchase of surplus electricity produced in the installation,
    • full balancing of electricity produced in the PV installation.

    Solare Energy holds a concession for trading in electricity issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. Thanks to this, we can offer a unique on a national scale service of repurchase of surplus electricity produced by a photovoltaic installation.

    Cable Pooling

    The offer was created for wind energy producers who are interested in expanding their renewable energy sources with solar energy. Thanks to the individual approach to each concept, we provide personalized design and installation of the photovoltaic installation and its connection to the already existing power grid.  We also offer the repurchase of the energy produced.


    We offer our customers additionally


    in the implementation of the investment - from the beginning to the end.

    We offer comprehensive services in dealing with all formalities related to leasing, connection to the DSO network and additional investment insurance.


    in obtaining financing for photovoltaics.

    We support completing all formalities in obtaining funding for the implementation of PV installations. We provide implementation statuses of the application at every stage.

    Prosument Solare

    Our team has developed a modern solution, thanks to which customers are billed according to the discount system without changes, thanks to which they can benefit from the advantages of being a Prosumer.

    1:1 balancing capability

    We offer the repurchase of surplus electricity produced in a photovoltaic installation. Thanks to the use of 1:1 balancing methods, an installation with higher power can become a source of additional income.

    Proven components

    We carry out installations using proven modules from a global manufacturer. We guarantee 100% efficiency for many years.

    Own service and assembly teams

    We have our own assembly teams and exclusive service. We guarantee the highest quality components, their free repair or replacement of the component with a new one in the event of a failure.


    Solare Sunova panels  are created by an international, experienced manufacturer – Sunova Solar, which supplies its solutions to over 30 countries and co-created PV farms with a capacity of up to 8 MW.

    Guarantee long-term performance

    Confirmed quality

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