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How do I request a refund?

If there is an overpayment in your billing account, you can tell us what to do with it. Download the application, fill it out, sign it and send it back in an electronic or paper version, and we will take care of the rest. The funds will be quickly and safely at your place.

Should I pay for settlement documents issued before the introduction of the Anti-Inflation Shield?

Yes. Customers should pay their receivables in accordance with the billing documents received. The VAT reduction and the exemption from excise duty will be included in the accounting invoices covering the periods during which VAT is to be reduced and excise duty abolished.

How much will the excise duty be reduced during the anti-inflation shield?

From 1 January 2022 to 31 May 2022, excise duty will be reduced from 5 to 0 PLN / MWh for energy consumed by customers qualified for tariff group G.

How much will VAT be reduced during the anti-inflation shield?

VAT on electricity will be reduced from 23 to 5% for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2022.

What is included in the Anti-Inflation Shield?

The Anti-Inflation Shield together with the Act on the Protective Allowance contains 4 elements, the introduction of which is the responsibility of the Sellers (3 elements) and municipalities (1 element). Sellers will deal with areas consisting of: – reducing VAT on electricity from 23% to 5%. This change applies to all customers, – application of the exemption from excise duty on electricity from 5 to 0 PLN / MWh for energy consumed by the household (all tariff groups G), – implementation of alternative solutions to disconnecting electricity in the event of debt, as well as the introduction of a support program for vulnerable customers and people covered by long-term home care (due to respiratory failure). Municipalities will carry out: – activities in the field of granting the protective allowance.

How do I deactivate SMS/email notifications?

Changing the notification preferences is possible by contacting us by e-mail to the following address: If you want to turn on notifications again in the future, all you have to do is reactivate consents.

How do I activate SMS/email notifications?

Through SMS and e-mail notifications, we remind you about: • issuing an invoice, • approaching payment date, • unpaid payments after the deadline. You can change your preferences for notifications and communication paths at any time on the eBOK portal After logging in, from the panel on the left, select “List of agreements”, then “Agreement” and go to the “Consents given” subpage. You can change the consent settings by switching the “Yes/No” button. Changing the notification preferences is also possible by contacting us by e-mail to the following address:

How do I activate a direct debit?

To start direct debit, you must agree in writing to the launch of this service. The form with instructions for filling in can be found on the website. Send the completed and signed form by post to al. Kasztanowa 5, 53-125 Wroclaw. Remember, sign the application with a signature consistent with the pattern placed on the signature card at the bank.

Why did I receive an FV from two sellers for the same period?

Check if both invoices are listed for the sale of electricity, or maybe one is for sale (from us) and the other for the distribution of energy:
a. If one is for sales (from us) and the other for energy distribution, then this is correct.
b. If both FVs are issued for the sale of electricity, then the contract period should be verified – with which seller during this period the contract for the sale of electricity was active.

Why do I receive two invoices?

One invoice contains fees for the distribution of electricity and is issued by the DSO (Distribution System Operator), the other invoice contains fees for the sale of electricity and you receive it from Solare Energy.

What is the account number for the transfer?

Please be advised that the payment should be made to the account number, which is on the invoice in bold print, because this is the individual number of your account in our system. This number is not on the whitelist, because it is a subaccount to the account indicated below in the explanatory content. Thus, only the main account is whitelisted.

What to do when the contract has already ended and I still get invoices from you?

Verify for what period the FV was issued and until when the contract lasted. If the invoiced period is the duration of our contract – you probably have not received a settlement for this time before, or it is an invoice correcting the current settlement. If there are still inconsistencies, report them to the BOK.

I have concluded an assignment for a contract for my current meter – the premises have been taken over by someone else, and I still receive invoices for my data. What to do?

Invoices for a new buyer will be issued from the date of entry into force of the assignment, i.e. the date on which your Distribution System Operator will accept the change of recipient at the point of collection. However, the documents issued until the date of acceptance of the assignment notification will still be for the previous buyer. This is due to the need to implement the entire process of changing the recipient, which is time-consuming and independent of us. The customer service office informs both you and the other party to the assignment agreement about the accepted dates of the assignment after their approval.

Why did I receive corrections to FV?

Correction invoices are usually issued in connection with the verification of measurement data received from the Distribution Network Operator regarding the amount of electricity consumed by you. In accordance with the Law of 10 April 1997. Energy Law, the Distribution Network Operator is responsible for reading measurement and settlement systems. It is on the basis of the data provided by him that the electricity seller issues invoices for the electricity sold. In accordance with the Instructions for Operation and Operation of the Distribution Network, the data provided by the Distribution Network Operators may be corrected up to 15 months preceding the month in which the correction is made. This means that until then, the measurement data, which are the basis for settlements for the electricity sold, may be changed, and therefore it is necessary to make retroactive corrections of VAT invoices for already invoiced settlement periods. After making this adjustment, the amount of invoiced electricity sold should coincide with the amount of electricity resulting from distribution invoices issued by the Distribution Network Operator. We would like to emphasize that the time of correction of billing data is completely independent of the energy seller.

I have a real billing plan – what does that mean? How often will they be FV?

The plan is to settle based on actual electricity consumption. We issue invoices only after receiving a reading from your Distribution Network Operator.

How many days do I have to pay the invoice?

The term is indicated on FV. The payment deadline is 14 days from the invoice date.

What if I lost/destroyed my invoice?

You can get information about the invoice by phone or e-mail. If you would like to receive an invoice again, please report it when contacting BOK and we will send you a duplicate invoice.

What if I have an underpayment on my account?

The resulting underpayment should be settled as soon as possible, because statutory interest is charged on late payments.

What is the bank account number and what should I enter in the transfer title?

You will find the number on each electricity or gas invoice. In the title of the transfer, enter the number of the invoice for which you are paying.

Where can I find the customer number?

The Customer number can be found on the billing invoice after the symbol /K…. in the invoice number: FVE-R/K…/…/2021

Why are invoices black and white?

For the sake of the environment, we print black and white invoices – they are originals.

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